Easy-Wave® Interlock System

Benefits of the Easy-Wave® Electric Interlock

- Lock Down Feature for Maintenance - Safety
- Low Voltage Plug and Play - For Easy Installation
- Sensor Based One Hand Operation - Increases Reliability
- Capable of combining Electric Interlocks with Pneumatic Interlocks
- Monitoring System - Real-Time Chute Status, Streamlines Maintenance
- Building Automation System (BAS) Compatible

Benefits of the Easy-Wave® Pneumatic Interlock

- Hands Free - ADA Compliant
- Lock Down Feature for Maintenance - Safety
- Sensor Based Operation - Increases Reliability
- Low Voltage Plug and Play - For Easy Installation
- Monitoring System - Streamlines Maintenance, Real-Time Chute Status
- Building Automation System (BAS) Compatible

The Easy-Wave® Interlock System Explained

The Easy-Wave® trash chute system is designed to lock out all other intake doors on the trash chute when a door is in use. This is to ensure the safety of users that interact with the chute. The Easy-Wave® system's signature feature allows touchless, one-handed operation that unlocks the chute door when a motion sensor is activated. In electric interlock systems, the user then manually opens the door and disposes of their trash, while in pneumatic interlock systems the door automatically opens, allowing the user to deposit their trash with ease. Each Easy-Wave® door is equipped with a motion sensor and an LED window. In systems with a trash sorter, a set of push-buttons allow the user to select a trash sorting option.

The system is equipped with a Master Controller that facilitates overall management of the Easy-Wave® system and any connected devices. The Master Controller contains a monitoring system that streamlines chute maintenance by identifying where service is needed. It can configure the trash chute's responses to open doors, falling trash, and alarm states. It also facilitates the mapping of chute doors to building floor levels and the use of a connected chute wash-down system. The Master Controller is equipped with a Lock Out toggle switch and a user interface with a 32 character LCD, an LED window, and two push-buttons.

Easy-Wave® Interlock Doors

Easy-Wave® Specifications:
- Low voltage Plug and Play for easy installation
- Lock Out feature for maintenance and safety
- System is B.A.S. compatible
- Sensor-based one-handed operation increases reliability
- Electrical and pneumatic interlocks may be installed in combination

Electrical Specifications:
- 120 VAC / 1 Amp service
- All controls are low voltage
- All electrical components are UL listed
- Sensor based operation - no mechanical limit switches to fail or go out of adjustment
- Master Controller has a 32 character backlit LCD
- System status is displayed at all times on the Master Controller

Easy-Wave® & Easy-Push®

the ONLY UL Listed Electric Interlocking Chute System in the industry.

Easy-Wave® Options

Easy-Wave® Automated Wash-Down System
This system consists of a Wash Down controller located at the top of the Chute. This controller incorporates the Easy-Wave® termination, so it must be the LAST device on the Easy-Wave® door chain. Also included are two solenoid valves, the soap injector, the soap solution reservoir equipped with a soap level sensor and the wash down spray head. All that needs to be done is for the plumber to hook up the water supply via a shut-off valve and vacuum break.

This system has the following features:
- Wash Down consisting of four timed cycles: WASH, SOAK, RINSE, DRY
- Each Cycle can be configured from 0 to 30 minute durations. Setting the duration to 0 skips the cycle.
- Warning is given if soap solution is LOW - but the wash cycle will proceed.
- Chute automatically goes back into service as soon as the Wash Down completes.
- Simple interaction for starting a Wash Down:
-- Toggle Lock Switch to LOCKED to lock out the chute.
-- Press MENU Button to select "WASH DOWN System"
-- Press SELECT button to select "Start Wash Down"
-- Toggle Lock Switch to OFF to initiate the Wash Down.
- Ability to cancel the Wash Down from the base station if desired.

Easy-Wave® BACnet Interface

The Master Controller supports the BACnet interface to the Building Automation System (BAS). The following BACnet registers are supported by the Master Controller via the BACnet interface device. Additional registers may be added as the capabilities of the Easy-Wave® system increase.