This section is based on a system produced by:


                        American Chute Systems, Inc.

                        603 E. Washington Street

                        Joliet, IL  60433

                        Telephone:  815-723-7632








A.         The general provisions of the contract, including General and Supplementary Conditions and Division 1, General Requirements, apply to the work specified in this section.




A.         Furnish and install American Chute Systems, Inc. / 'Easy Aire' ADA Compliant 15" x 18" bottom-hinged, self-closing, positive latching, pneumatically operated chute intake doors with palm button opening mechanism designed to preclude the need to grasp, twist or pinch the control mechanism in order to operate the intake door.  Door shall be powered by a suitable 33-gallon capacity compressor.  Doors must close when power is interrupted.  Compressor shall also be disabled for maintenance.  Additionally, if a compactor is used, chute intake doors on each floor shall be disabled when the compactor receives one or more of the following signals:  Emergency Stop Activation, Compactor Hopper Time-Out Cycle, Charging Chamber Full, and Motor Overload, providing the compactor has these control circuits.




A.                  Work included:  Furnish and install, where shown on plans, 24" diameter trash chute as manufactured by American Chute Systems, Inc.


1.4              SUBMITTALS


A.                  Catalog Cuts:  Before the trash chute is delivered to the job site, submit catalog cuts to the Architect in accordance with these specifications, showing all details of installation and assembly and all requirements for work by other trades.


B.                 Product Data:  Manufacturer's product specifications, stand details and recommendations for project conditions; indicate selected sizes and installation details specific to the project.


C.                 Shop Drawings:


1.                  Plans:  Indicate locations, dimensions and required associated construction activities.

2.                  Elevations/Sections:  Indicate locations, dimensions and required associated construction activities.


3.                  Details:


                                                                        a.                  Shop drawings specific to project conditions

                                                                        b.                  Interface with adjacent construction

                                                                        c.                  Dimensions and tolerances

                                                                        d.                  Products required for installation of the trash chute, but not supplied by the trash chute manufacturer


D.     Close-out Submittals


1.      Operation and Maintenance Data:


                                                                        a.      Manufacturer's printed Operation Manual


2.      Warranty Documents:  Issued and executed by the manufacturer and installer of the system.


1.5.            QUALITY ASSURANCE


1.                  Qualifications:


1.                  Manufacturer:  Minimum five (5) years-documented experience producing products specified in this section


2.                  Installer:  Approved by the Manufacturer, and having a minimum of five (5) years experience.


B.     Pre-Installation Meetings:


1.                  Convene at job site a minimum of seven (7) calendar days prior to scheduled beginning of construction activities of this section to review requirements for this section.


2.                  Require attendance by representatives of the following:


                                                                     a.                     Trash chute manufacturer or designed representative

                                                                     b.                     Installer of this section

                                                                     c.                     Other entities directly affecting, or affected by, construction activities of this section

                                                                     d.                     Notify Architect four (4) calendar days in advance of scheduled meeting date.




A.                  The following work is excluded from the scope of work in this Section 11175 and is included in other divisions of the specifications for inclusion in the scope of work for others.


1.                  Electrical Standards:  The following electrical circuits with disconnects are required and are to be installed by others.


1 each:  110VAC, 20 amp 1-phase, 60 Hz Circuits for the compressor.  Local disconnect box to be NEMA 13


2.                  Water supply and valves to fire sprinkler heads


3.                  ADA-required Braille signage provided by others


1.6              WARRANTY


A.                  Manufacturer's warranty:  Furnish manufacturer's standard one (1) year warranty from the date of temporary certificate of occupancy or similar, locally mandated permission to use the project common areas for their intended use.  Warranty shall apply to defects in product workmanship and materials.






A.         Acceptable manufacturer's


American Chute Systems, Inc.

603 E. Washington Street

Joliet, IL  60433

Telephone:  815-723-7632


            B.         Components

1.                  The chute shall be 24" diameter of U.S. #16 gauge aluminized steel as manufactured by American Chute Systems, Inc./"Easy Aire".

2.                  The replacement American Chute Systems ADA Compliant Chute Intake Doors:  15 inches wide x 18 inches high, self-closing, bottom-hinged, push-button operated, positive-latching doors. The chute intake door is stainless steel, as are the trim for the door and the operating mechanism.  The door trim is embossed with "Trash".  User depresses Push Button momentarily.  The Easy Aire Door opens to the FULL-OPEN position and remains open for 10-30 seconds or any intermediate time selected.  Door then closes automatically.

3.                  Discharge:  American Chute Systems, Inc. U.S. #14 gauge aluminized steel open end chute discharge rolling steel door with 165° F, fusible link hold open on an inclined steel rack at the bottom of the chute to close automatically when the ambient temperature reaches 165° F as required by city or state building and/or fire codes.

4.                  Vent:  Chute shall extend full diameter through roof to metal top vent cap 4"-0" above roof level with counter flashing and insect screen.

5.                  Accessories:  3/4-inch IPS flushing spray head and 1/2-inch sprinkler head above highest intake.  Additional 1/2-inch sprinkler heads at every second intake (counting from the top) or as required by local code.

6.                  Provide disinfecting & sanitizing unit for installation in line to the flushing spray head.  Connection to flushing spray head, back flow prevention valve and electric control switch by others.

7.                  Provide 15 inches wide a 15 inches high right side-hinged, hand operated, self-closing, positive latching, stainless steel plumbing access door having stainless steel door trim for installation by forces erecting enclosing shaft wall.

8.                  Offsets (bends) in the chute, if required, shall be made of the same diameter as the chute of #16 U.S. gauge aluminized steel and have an additional layer of #13 U.S. gauge aluminized steel reinforcing the impact area. Offsets are not to deviate more than 15" off the vertical axis of the chute.

9.                  Provide Daubert 3680V-DAMP sound coat (or equal) vibration dampening compound to the exterior of the chute only. Included sound isolator pads at each floor support frame.

10.              Sprinkler System:  Chute shall be protected internally by automatic sprinklers.  This requires at or above the top intake door of the chute, and in addition, a sprinkler shall be installed within the chute at alternate floor levels in building over two stories in height with mandatory sprinkler located at the lowest level.

11.              Conduit:  Flexible conduit, 1/2-inch diameter, installed from compressor area to each new door installation for connecting air tubing from self-contained compressor to chute intake doors.




A.         The trash chute shall be fully factory assembled and all joints, except those required to separate the sections for shipment and installation shall be welded or lock-seamed tight.  The floor intake doors shall be bolted in place on throats formed into the chute.  All chute sections shall flash inside the sections below and there shall be an expansion joint in the  chute between all support joints.  Discharge hoppers and offsets, where required, shall be reinforced and separately supported in the impact area.






            A.         Verification of conditions:


1.         Area in which system is to be located is correct size and location, and is prepared for installation of trash chute and components.


B.         Installer's examination:


1.         Have installer of this section examine conditions under which construction activities of this section are to be performed, then submit written notification if conditions under which construction activities of this section are to be performed are unacceptable.


2.         Beginning construction activities of this section before unacceptable conditions have been corrected is prohibited.


3.         General Contractor shall verify and record chute alignment with installer immediately following installation.




A.         Install trash chute in accordance with shop drawings and manufacturer's printed installation instructions.




A.         Arrange demonstration of system operation, conducted by manufacturer's representative to Owners' maintenance personnel.